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dalbers, 01/28/2010 10:38 PM
just to have the last word :>


How do I add accounts to my Quassel Core?

Check out the article on how to manage core users

Where can I configure the autojoin list?

There is no list as such. Quassel will automatically rejoin the channels you were in at the time you shut Quassel down.

Why isn't Quassel using "Launchpad"?

At the time being Launchpad doesn't support git.

I lost my menu, how can I make it reappear?

Press ctrl + m and it should reappear. For other toolbars, you can display them from the submenu entitled "View"

How do I ignore CTCP requests?

Versions 0.5.2 and newer offer a "CTCP" type in the ignorelist settingspage.
If selected, the rule is parsed as follows:

hostmask [CTCPCMD [CTCPCMD ...]]

For example "* VERSION PING" would ignore VERSION and PING requests for any hostmask.
If no CTCPCMD is given, all requests are ignored.

Only global- and per network scope are supported.
Since CTCP is ignored on the coreside, "Strictness" is always permanent.

CTCP ingore is patched into quassel 0.5.0-0ubuntu1.1 for Ubuntu Karmic users.