04:54 PM Quassel IRC Revision 45645a28 (quassel): Core: in LDAP authenticator, don't try database auth with blank password
In the LDAP authenticator, we were trying to do database auth against
the core with a blank password (QString()), aft...
04:54 PM Quassel IRC Revision 8efbb2ef (quassel): Core: only try local auth if a user has the "database" auth provider set
This commit attempts to resolve issue #1501; currently, quassel will
always attempt to do local authentication, and *...


06:53 PM Quassel IRC Bug #1501: Existing users cannot be authenticated against LDAP when database is converted
finlstrm wrote:
> When converting an existing quasselcore installation from Database to LDAP using --select-authenti...


11:20 PM Quassel IRC Revision e678718e (quassel): Add AppData metadata for quassel, quasselclient.
The AppData standard defines metadata for GUI
applications that wish to show up in various graphical ...


11:55 PM Quassel IRC Revision ce1feba3 (quassel): LDAP authenticator now logs server address as info message
As requested by Zhoriel, the core now prints the full address and port
of the LDAP server it is connecting to, in ord...
11:55 PM Quassel IRC Revision 878c4bdc (quassel): Fix issue from rebase; migrateTo now needs writer.get().
11:55 PM Quassel IRC Revision 8fd4e06a (quassel): Fix quasseluser table setup on PostgreSQL and sort sql.qrc
It seems that at some point the DEFAULT option for a varchar()
column has become sensitive to whether or not single o...


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