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Please add support for SASL authentication over IRC

Added by nenolod over 14 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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I would really love to switch to Quassel. However, the lack of SASL authentication support makes me unable to do so.
I tried to write a plugin adding support for it, but discovered that there are interfaces implemented.

If you need any help understanding the SASL implementation, let me know. There is code to implement SASL PLAIN in Conspire, at which may be helpful.

Note that freenode has recently implemented SASL on their network, so there are real networks out there using this specification.
Infact, it is required in order to use TOR now.

quassel-sasl.patch (27.7 KB) quassel-sasl.patch stitch, 02/01/2010 05:08 AM
quassel-sasl.diff (60.6 KB) quassel-sasl.diff stitch, 02/12/2010 10:53 PM


#2 Updated by stitch over 14 years ago

I've created a patch which introduces SASL support. It only supports SASL PLAIN. I have also updated the DB schemas however I'm not 100% sure about any migration, so please look at that (and advise where I have went wrong)

#3 Updated by nenolod over 14 years ago

<al> in a nutshell: the sqlitestorage.cpp changes need to be applied to postgresqlstorage.cpp too i think

#4 Updated by stitch over 14 years ago

I've revised this patch, the database schema's should be correct, and the postgrestorage.cpp was modified with the changes.

#5 Updated by dalbers over 14 years ago

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